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28 Beyoncé Dance Moves That Will Make Your Soul Shiver

Sep 4 2014 - 12:05am

It's Sept. 4, and you know what that means: time to celebrate Beyoncé's birthday. A Bey-day celebration, if you will. Beyoncé has already proven time and time again that she knows how to be fierce, even, apparently, in the bedroom [1]. That said, in the wake of her incredible performance at the VMAs [2], we thought it was high time to praise one of the other brilliant facets of Beyoncé: her flawless dancing. Because, let's be real: being fierce is great and all, but dancing fierce brings everything to another level. Keep scrolling, and be warned: there are going to be quite a few of Bey's signature hair flips [3].

This Mind-Blowing Hair Tossing

This Power Stomping

This Unworldly Double Hair Flip

This Eternal Loop of Perfection

This Insane Body Roll

This Unbeatable Shimmying

This Earth-Shattering Hair Flip

This Moment of Eternal Slaying

This "Long Hair Don't Care" Moment

This Hair Flip, Which Was So Impressive It Had to be Slowed Down

This Masterful Twerking

This Unbeatable Chair-ography

This Fresh and Fabulous Body Rolling

This Iconic "Surfbort" Moment

This Flawless Sequence (Sponsored by Pepsi)

This Fierce Shoulder Work

This Hypnotizing Booty Popping

This Moment, When She Was Approaching Nirvana

This Moment, Where She's Clearly Outgrown Being a Single Lady

This Sensational Hip Shaking

This Effortless Stomping

This Moment of Undeniable Power and Control

This Magnificent Electric Shock

This Everlasting Hair Flip

This Moment of Wild Euphoria

This Domination in Unison

This "Everyone Else Can Go Home" Hair Flip

This "Shut It Down" Moment

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