Beyonce and Jay-Z at Lunch After the Grammys

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Wind Down Post-Grammys at Lunch With Solange

Solange Knowles and Beyonce Knowles spent time together in LA.

Beyoncé Knowles and her sister, Solange Knowles, treated themselves to a day-after-the-Grammys meal at Gjelina in the Venice Beach neighborhood of LA yesterday. Also along for the meal was Beyoncé's husband, Jay-Z. The trio seemed to have a great time at the Grammys, sitting front row and sampling both Jay's Ace of Spades Champagne and D'Ussé congac — at one point, Jay-Z drank cognac out of a Grammy!

Yesterday also brought the release of Beyoncé's Vogue cover. Inside the edition, she spoke about the new phase of her career, and also about her family that includes her and Jay-Z's 1-year-old daughter, Blue Carter. Speaking of the little one, Beyoncé said, "She's my road dog. She's my homey, my best friend."