Beyonce took a break from her never ending vacation with Jay-Z to stop by MTV's TRL Studios yesterday. Beyonce can certainly get glammed up, but I think I like her most of all in a t-shirt and jeans. Miss Knowles the solo artist seems light years away from her days in Destiny's Child, but she doesn't forget her all-girl roots. In fact, her recent tour boasts an all female band. Here's more:

Q: You auditioned and hired an all-female band for the tour. What has it been like?

BEYONCE: I'm used to all females. I grew up in a house with so many women. I love being around women, I love being around talented women and supportive women. Everyone is so supportive of each other. We do things together, like yesterday we went skating; I rented out a roller skating rink for all of us and everybody's families to come. Also, I have eight female dancers and four males ... they are the only men on the tour, I feel bad for them being around all us women!

Q: So it's not true that women can't get along?

BEYONCE: I was afraid of that in the beginning when I had the idea. I was like, this will never work ... (but) I found focused and incredible musicians that are just as good or better than any guy. And then I was like, well, even if I do find it, after a while, there will be some problems. (Laughs.) But it hasn't been any problems, and everyone is just talented and secure and excited.