Beyonce Pregnant Pictures Getting Nails Done in NYC

Beyoncé Holds Onto Her Bump and Faces $100 Million Lawsuit

Beyoncé Knowles stepped onto the streets of NYC in the rain.

Beyoncé Knowles and her mom, Tina, had some help from umbrella holders as they stepped out to get their nails done in NYC last night. Beyoncé kept a protective hand on her stomach, but still flashed her smile as she made her way back to her waiting car after touching up her long, pointy blue nails. According to reports, Beyoncé may be expecting a Christmas or early New Year baby, so she could be in the final weeks of her pregnancy. Jay-Z is with her in New York on a break from his Watch the Throne tour, but he'll be back on the West Coast to take it from LA to Vancouver and finish things off next week.

It's not all about preparing for the new arrival, however, since Beyoncé is also facing a pretty intense lawsuit. A video-game company is suing Beyoncé for $100 million, saying that she abandoned ship on a dance video-game project last April. Beyoncé tried to get the suit dismissed, but this week a Manhattan judge ruled that it could proceed.