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Beyonce Wants Kids in like 10 Years

Beyonce continues her world tour in Madrid where she managed to get a little shopping done before the show. In the June issue of France's Questions de femmes magazine, when asked if she wants kids she says, "Yes, in 10 years! For the moment, there are still so many things I need to accomplish." It seems she doesn't have much time for herself these days to even do the things she likes! Here's more:

  • On her free time:
    "I used to do some painting but I don't have time anymore – I have to start again," she says. "I like to watch the Discovery Channel and from time to time DVDs. It depends on how I feel."
  • On her look:
    "I actually don't like wearing make-up, I'd rather be natural. My hair is natural and when I go out I don't need to spend hours deciding what I will wear or which make-up to put on. I know exactly what I want."
  • This is from the same woman who has her stylists look her over every time she leaves the house before a big event. We rarely see the natural Bey but we'd welcome it.







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