Put your clothes back on, Bilson, you're so much cuter that way. Sorry, just had to get that out there because I'm not loving this GQ photoshoot for R-Bils where she looks, well, petite...and very young despite being 26. And this, just after telling Playboy about being sexy without showing things. Silly. Hopefully this isn't the only Bilson we get while she's out promoting Jumper. In the article, I gotta love her and it's a little shocking hearing her dropping an F-bomb or two. Ha. Here are highlights:

  • On being one of those girls: “Nooo, I’m not crotch-flashing...That’s the new terminology now...'Are you a crotch flasher?'"
  • On this being her big screen break: “I don’t feel any pressure...Hopefully, we’ve made a really cool movie, but everything else is out of our control. You can’t worry about that.”
  • On her Jumper character: "I remember calling my friend and saying, ‘Sam Jackson threw me into a wall!’...It was surreal...[Millie] represents the audience...She’s the only one being thrown into these situations as an outsider and seeing everything the way the audience sees it.”
  • On Britney: “I think people just need to leave her the f*** alone...You see things on the news—hundreds of paparazzi. She can’t drive her car. I don’t know what she is doing as a mother, but that’s a really hard place to be.”

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  • On Hayden: “All I can say is, I don’t talk about the personal stuff...It’s the one thing you can keep to yourself. At least you try to. I can say that I’m happy. Yeah, I’m happy with my love life, that’s all I’ll say.”
  • And on that H necklace she wears...: “My little sister’s name is Hattie. Hash browns are my favorite breakfast food.”

Methinks it sounds like these two won't be lovey dovey for real in public anytime soon, but at least we're sure to get a few cute dresses out of her at the premieres. She may be missing her clothes here, but she's never one to mess up a red carpet look.