Blake Lively Gets a Tarot Card Reading Pictures

Blake Lively Moves Past Her Leonardo Breakup With a Tarot Card Reading

Blake's hair was curly for her latest Big Apple outing.

A newly single Blake Lively got a jump start on her Halloween preparations with a stop by Madame Tussaud's Halloween suite at NYC's Renaissance hotel today. During Blake's stay at the party, she got a private lesson on how to read tarot cards and chatted with the ghoulish crowd. Blake may not know what's in the cards for her future, but as of now it looks like it might not include Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo and Blake confirmed their split this week, and she's keeping distracted with work on Gossip Girl while he's still in Australia shooting The Great Gatsby. Leonardo was also spotted playing with a big snake while Down Under, where he got a visit from Blake just last month. Apparently Blake's not too heartbroken over the breakup with Leo, which may have been caused by their age difference. A couple's Halloween costume may not be in the cards for Blake this year, though in the past she's chosen sexy outfits like Cleopatra and a short-skirted flight attendant. Perhaps she and her Green Lantern costar Ryan Reynolds will find themselves trick-or-treating together since Blake and Ryan were reportedly spotted together in Boston.