Adorable little Isabella Damon is chillaxin' in her stroller in NYC with her family there to push her along. Matt has been busy dividing his time lately between daddy duty and promoting The Bourne Ultimatum which opens on Friday. We love seeing him as a hot action hero, but now that he has little ones at home, he's been taking them into consideration for upcoming roles. Here's more:

"Those are the kinds of things where I say, `Well, do I want my daughter exposed, knowing that her dad makes movies like this or that?'" Damon said.

"There are so many movies that drive my mom just totally crazy, because there are these thousands of acts of violence. The movies are rated PG-13, but the toys are marketed to ages 4 and up. So you get these kids who are just getting pounded by this imagery from a very young age. I don't want to be a part of that."

We hope this isn't the end of the Bourne franchise because we love watching Matt as an action hero on the big screen but we can respect that he is choosing his roles more carefully these days. As you know we have been counting down to Bourne opening this weekend but it turns out there are a ton of other movies in theaters this weekend as well. Click here to vote on which one are you seeing?

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