Boy Band Christmas Pictures

Happy Holidays! Love, Your Favorite Teen Heartthrobs

Meanwhile, *NSYNC Had a White Christmas Wrapped in Lights

What could feel more festive than Justin Timberlake, wrapped in Christmas lights, posing in a white tank top? To celebrate the holiday season, we're taking a look back at some of the hilarious, awkward, and strangely adorable Christmas pinups from teen heartthrobs through the years. Although *NSYNC tends to dominate holiday nostalgia thanks to their Home For Christmas album, they aren't the only boy band to get in the holiday spirit. The Backstreet Boys did their own Santa-themed photo shoot, along with New Kids on the Block, One Direction, and Hanson — who also, oddly enough, wrapped themselves in Christmas lights. Is that a thing? In any case, baby, it's cold outside, and these heartthrobs are here to keep you warm.