Brad and Angelina Show Off Knox and Vivienne!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrived in Japan earlier today with the whole family! Angelina smiled as she held Vivienne, while Brad and Knox wore matching gray hats. They both have big blue eyes and what looks like blond hair just like Shiloh — how adorable is that? We saw them for the first time back in August and in the family's W spread, but they have grown up so much since then. Pax cut his hair and looks so cute all put together, Maddox's hat is beyond precious, and Zahara is rocking her hooded jacket. Shiloh, meanwhile, so big. We've seen a lot of Brad and Angelina partying it up this award season, but nothing beats seeing them with their gorgeous children. Happy Tuesday!

To see more pictures of the Jolie-Pitts at the airport looking beautiful just read more.

Source, Splash News Online, and Source