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Brad and Angie Set Up Totally Normal Shop in NO

Brad and Angelina have settled, for the moment at least, in New Orleans as planned. The couple enrolled Maddox in a local school, so perhaps they'll let him at least finish out the year before their next big trip. Don't they just look so normal dropping Mad off at school? Almost. Brad recently opened up to Newsweek about the effects of family on his acting career. Here's more:

When I started I had this idea that the films I did defined me, and that my life would be interesting based on the characters I'd chosen. I don't feel that way anymore. I'm a father now. There are other things that are important to me. I was chasing something that wasn't fulfilling. I caught myself on the phone the other day—Leo has been playing some real strong men these last few years—and I found myself saying, "I want to play more of a man." I got off the phone and I thought, "No. Live like a man, and the movies will follow."

I think what he meant to say is "Live like Angelina's man, and the paparazzi will follow." That just makes so much more sense.

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