Maddox really cashed in on his alone time with Brad when they hit his favorite NYC restaurant, Mars 2112. The family is in New York for Angie's press tour, which included stops at Larry King Live in addition to The Daily Show. Angie may have succumbed to Jon Stewart's goofiness, but she kept it serious with Larry King, especially when talking about how she and Brad are raising their kids. Here's more:

KING: But they do know they have a different life?

JOLIE: I don't know if they know they have a different life, but I know that they know -- I don't know what they know. I just know we try to show them -- I just know that we try to show them -- we're trying to instill compassion and understanding and tolerance. And hopefully they will have that by looking at each other as they grow up, and learning about each other's countries and just being a family. But also, we don't want them to be spoiled and we don't want them to be attached to things. And we don't want them to be attached -- or take fame seriously, or anything like that. We want them to be good people, like all parents.

KING: A great writer in Chicago years ago wrote: "I have four children, two are adopted, I forget which two."

JOLIE: Yes. That's right.

We've had plenty to write about with all her interviews. You all got pretty heated on the story about Angie's weight. Thanks to Fit for offering up some great advice for Mom's in a similar situation. As for Angie's interviews, clearly family is her number one priority. Hopefully she'll get to take a day off to spend Father's Day with Brad and the kids!