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Every Step of Brad and Angelina's Secret Wedding Plan — in GIFs

Sep 7 2014 - 1:50am

We got a whopping surprise last week when we learned Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were secretly married [1] in France, and now we're trying to put together all the pieces of the puzzle. Suddenly, it makes so much sense that Brad wore a new ring at the Fury photocall [2]. Now we know why the couple whizzed over to France last week [3]. Join us as we imagine how everything leading up to the wedding [4] might have looked, using only GIFs from Brad's and Angelina's movies.

It just sort of happened one day. Brad and Angelina got tired of waiting.

Brad was all, "Let's do this, babe."

Angelina was like, "For REAL?!"

And Brad replied, "Yep. It's on."

Angelina was obviously down, but it was decided from the start: it would be a secret.

Brad: "Where can we go? Italy?"

And Angelina really SHOT that idea down. They decided on France.

Get it?

Brad had one caveat. There's only one time of day you can get married without anyone noticing.

Angelina basically said, "Step off and let me do this or I will cut you."

And with that, the planning began. Operation "Secretly Get Married Unbeknownst to Literally Everyone" was officially a go.

Brad was in charge of picking the wedding music, obviously.

Brad was also in charge of tasting the cake.

Brad tasted many a cake. So many cakes. All of the cakes.

And then Brad was like, "You know what? I'll just try all the food. Give me all of it."

Meanwhile, Angelina was on a quest to find the perfect wine. The French wine was so delicious she cried a single tear of joy.

Then she thought she may as well try all the alcohol, just to make sure.

Next came the dress. Angelina thought, "Maybe I'll have an unconventional wedding dress?"

"Is this too much?"

Brad said, "Maybe no. But also, you're flawless in everything, so. Whatever you want."

And then there was Angelina's hair! Up? Down? Even Pinterest was failing her.

And Brad was like, "How's my hair, though?"

Finally, it was time for the big day. Brad assured Angelina that everything was locked down.

She made a dramatic entrance anyway.

And then, they were married! Just like that!

And Brad popped up days later surreptitiously wearing his wedding ring like it was nothing.

When we finally got the news, it was like walking in on this.

"Guess you guys missed it! Sorry!"

And we were like this.

We should have known! We should have seen the signs!

And you just know they've been celebrating ever since.

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