Brad Pitt Arrives by Helicopter in Richmond Pictures

Brad Pitt Reunites With Angelina Jolie and the Kids in Richmond

Brad Pitt carries a cup of coffee getting off the helicopter.

Brad Pitt was spotted hopping out of a helicopter in Richmond, London, today, just a few short hours after a smiley Angelina Jolie landed back at their rental in her own chopper. Angelina joined Brad in Cornwall last night for an adults-only getaway, but now it seems both parents have returned to hang out with the Jolie-Pitt kids. Brad's wrapping up his role in World War Z, and soon he'll turn his attention back to another project, Moneyball. He's set to premiere the latter film at the Toronto Film Festival next month, which likely means another red-carpet appearance from Brad and Angelina. Brad will also be able to catch up with his pal George Clooney, who's premiering the political drama he stars in and directs, The Ides of March, in Canada as well.


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