Brad Pitt on CBS This Morning With Charlie Rose Pictures

Brad Pitt Spends His Morning Talking "Bad Girl" Angelina, Kids, and More

Brad Pitt on CBS This Morning.

Brad Pitt sat down with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning as part of his latest press tour for Moneyball. He's been promoting the movie, which is nominated for an Oscar, with appearances on The Daily Show, the Today show, and a taped episode of Inside the Actors Studio, which will air this Friday. In his most recent interview with CBS, Brad chatted about making the film, but also touched on his family life. He shared that the kids are used to the jet lag of the family's constant travels and that they have the responsibility of packing their own bags. Brad also responded to a clip of Angelina Jolie on 60 Minutes, confirming that "she's still a bad girl, delightfully so." Brad broke from his promotional duties yesterday, when he and Angelina took twins Knox and Vivienne to a screening of Lady and the Tramp in Hollywood.

Photo courtesy of CBS