Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill on The Today Show Pictures

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill Rise Early For The Today Show

Brad Pitt made Jonah Hill laugh out loud.

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill were together this morning for a visit to The Today Show in NYC. Brad talked with Ann Curry about Moneyball and the film's many Oscar nominations. He's in the running to take home a best actor statue, while Jonah's up for his first-ever Academy Award as a best supporting actor. The picture's additionally in contention for best film of the year, best adapted screenplay, and best achievement in film editing.

The guys reminisced about working on Moneyball, and Jonah reflected on a particularly awesome prank Brad pulled. They've mentioned before that Brad tricked out Jonah's golf cart with George Michael paraphernalia, but more details were disclosed to Ann. Jonah spoke about the cart, which was rigged to play the song "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" when it turned on. He revealed, "If it was just that, that would be crazy. That would be annoying for me. But he also had it shrink-wrapped bright pink, like neon pink. And he had superimposed a picture of me and George Michael on the front that said, 'I'm Jonah Hill and I love Wham!' And then it had wedding noisemakers under the cart. And so I'd have a meeting with someone and I'd drive up in this insane, absurdly Liberace-style [thing]."