Brad Pitt May Be Considering a Role in The Mission

Brad Pitt Gets Back to Work With Rumors He's Eyeing a New Mission

Brad Pitt was in high spirits on set.

Brad Pitt was back in his familiar uniform of cargos, combat boots, and a rugged scarf on the desert set of World War Z in Malta earlier today. He took an afternoon off earlier in the week to hang with his family at a water park. Brad Pitt went shirtless for a swim with all kids while Angelina Jolie kept her skin protected under a full-length wetsuit. The Jolie-Pitt kids have been busy exploring the Mediterranean archipelago and often stop by to visit Brad on set with Angelina. The Jolie-Pitts are used to traveling the globe for movies set in exotic destinations, and Brad's reportedly eyeing a role that could take them to South America. The project, currently titled The Mission, details a six-year operation to free hostages from the Colombian jungle, and hopefully the part would require Brad to show off his fit frame while immersed in a sweaty, tropical setting.