Brad Pitt Pictures Boarding Helicopter to World War Z Set

Brad Pitt Goes Up in the Air For Another World War Z Day

Brad Pitt walking toward the set of his new movie.

Brad Pitt hopped out of a van in Richmond, London today and sauntered over to a waiting helicopter, which took him to the set of World War Z. He's back to working on the zombie flick following a recent stint in the US promoting Moneyball. Now, though, Brad's reunited with Angelina Jolie and their children in their temporary UK accommodations. His baseball drama didn't win the top spot at last weekend's box office, but there is still plenty of award season anticipation around Brad and his costar Jonah Hill. In a recent interview, Jonah Hill addressed the Oscars buzz. Jonah said, "I'm just really proud of the movie. Stuff like that is crazy when you hear someone ask you that question legitimately. It's really flattering and cool, but for me the whole experience has been wonderful and I'm already as proud as I would be would I get to be up for an award."