Brad Pitt Pictures Shooting World War Z in Glasgow

Brad Pitt Arrives on Set in Glasgow Ready to Work With a Smile

Brad Pitt works on World War Z in Glasgow, which looks like Philadelphia now.

Brad Pitt flashed a smile this morning on the Glasgow set of World War Z. He's in the Scottish city to continue production after spending a few weeks with the cast and crew in the English region of Cornwall. A part of Glasgow's been made over to look like Philadelphia, including American taxis and signs for big Philly streets like John F. Kennedy Boulevard. Brad and Angelina Jolie hired a private train to take their family northward, and there were enough cars attached to also convey the 350 people working on the movie. It seems locals are excited to have the film set in their area, and many think it will help kick-start a revival of the Scottish film industry. The Glasgow City Council has even been updating fans with regularly posted photos on their Twitter feed!