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Brad Pitt Battles a Sea of Zombies in Malta

Jun 24 2011 - 4:00pm

Brad Pitt [1] was back to work on the zombie-filled set of World War Z in Malta today. He's been in character all week long but took a few extended breaks from the action to show his kids around. Pax visited Brad in Valletta on Wednesday [2] after Shiloh and Zahara stopped by with Angelina Jolie [3] on Tuesday. The well-traveled Jolie-Pitt kids may find themselves visiting museums, toy stores, and playgrounds in the UK later this Summer when the World War Z crew moves to London [4] and Glasgow. Brad's love interest in the apocalyptic flick, Mireille Enos, will join him there for at least one romantic scene involving a kiss.

Brad Pitt [5] wore a scarf in Malta.

Brad Pitt [6] got a ride from the set of World War Z in Malta.

Brad Pitt [7] wore his hair down in Malta.

Brad Pitt [8] linked up with a co-worker on set.

Crowds of pretend zombies gathered on the set of World War Z in Malta.

Brad Pitt [9]'s stunt double chatted with the crew between scenes.

Brad Pitt [10] kept focused while filming World War Z.

Brad Pitt [11] joked with a co-worker on the set.

Brad Pitt [12]'s stunt double had his hair touched up by a stylist on the set of World War Z.

Brad Pitt [13] fought an army of zombies on the set of World War Z.

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