Brad Pitt is taking a few days off from playing stay-at-home dad while Angelina makes Wanted to visit New Orleans and talk about his efforts in the area. I know I've already talked about how hot he looked during his Ann Curry interview, but just look at him gesture -- le sigh. This morning part one of the interview aired on The Today Show. The full video is below, but here are highlights:

  • On rebuilding New Orleans: I know a lot of the people here. I care very much for the area. I met a 60 year old man who...said [to me], 'I did everything right. I got a job. I bought a home. I raised my kids in that home. They did the same. Now...we're all split apart and we've been wiped out...What do I do?' And he's right...that's unacceptable. So any debate on 'should we rebuild, should we not' -- I'll take you on."
  • On the lessons of Katrina: It's a justice issue. What we saw [with] Katrina is that there is a portion of our society that's being overlooked. And so, in the aftermath, we're not going to be able to bring back the friends and family that are lost. We're not going to be able to bring back their heirlooms and their photographs. But maybe, this is a question we presented, maybe we can provide a better way of life. Maybe we can find some good out of this. And that has to deal with justice and fairness.”

Brad's only in NOLA for a couple of days before he's set to appear this weekend in the Hamptons. This doesn't mean his philanthropy work for the week is done, however, as he is hitting up the NY summer destination for a charity event to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims hosted by himself and Angelina.

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