Brad Pitt Wearing a Ponytail at the Airport in France

Brad Pitt Sports a Ponytail While Traveling Through France

Brad Pitt wore a ponytail for his flight.

Brad Pitt rolled his suitcase through an airport in France today. He wore a ponytail for his travels, after showing off a few dramatically different hairstyles in the October/November issue of Interview. Brad chatted with director Guy Ritchie for the magazine and shared his excitement about showing his sons World War Z upon completion. The movie was filmed last year and is currently undergoing reshoots for a Summer 2013 release. In the meantime, Brad will be on the big screen in Killing Them Softly next month, and he's also the star of new Chanel No. 5 ads after being named the face of the fragrance this week.

Source: X17 Online