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Brad Pitt Takes Flight While Angelina Talks "Grounded" Home Life

Brad Pitt wore his sunglasses as he arrived at LAX.

Brad Pitt wore his sunglasses as he wheeled his luggage into LAX yesterday. He was without his fiancée, Angelina Jolie, and their six children for his travels, similar to a trip he took earlier this month when he arrived at LAX solo after spending the holidays with his family in Turks and Caicos.

Brad, Angelina, and their kids have been making headlines lately. In a recent interview for the March issue of British magazine Total Film, Angelina shared that her kids keep her grounded and elaborated by saying, "We have a very normal, very grounded home." It looks like they'll have a little more time to spend together this month, since Brad and Angelina have been noticeably absent from award season and are not expected to attend this Sunday's SAG Awards. The couple was a highlight of the event last year — take a look back at exciting moments from past SAG Awards!