Brad Pitt at World War Z Premiere in NYC

Brad Pitt's NYC Premiere Is a Family Affair!

Brad Pitt's NYC Premiere Is a Family Affair!

Brad Pitt may not have had fiancée Angelina Jolie by his side for the premiere of World War Z in NYC on Monday night, but he had plenty of support from family. Angelina's dad, Jon Voight, made an appearance, as did her brother, James Haven, who brought his girlfriend, Ashley Reign. Brad's own brother, Doug, walked the carpet with his wife and three kids, even stopping for a photo op with Brad.

Brad is continuing the press tour for his zombie film after kicking off promotions overseas at the beginning of the month. He had Angelina close by during his London and Berlin events, and while she hasn't been spotted in NYC yet, she was the topic of conversation during an interview Monday morning. Brad told Good Morning America that Angelina is "doing great" after surgery and that they were "really surprised and moved by how many people are dealing with the same issue, or wondering about the same issue."

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