Zahara looked super cute in Brad's arms making a visit to the American Embassy in Prague this week. After a difficult incident with the paparazzi over the weekend, he probably wants to keep a close eye on his kids while Angelina is off filming Wanted. Love them or hate them, the Jolie-Pitts are one of the most sought after couples in the world. And with A Mighty Heart coming out, Angie is opening up about life at home for the intriguing family. Here's more:

  • RD: Who's the disciplinarian?
    Jolie: When it comes to the boys, it's Brad, and with the girls, it's me. It's not intentional, but Z can pretty much get anything she wants from her dad. Brad's like a strong father with the boys.
  • RD: How do you introduce a new child into this family without sibling rivalry?
    Jolie: We had a long talk with Mad about the fact that his brother is going to be scared and that Mommy is going to have to give him attention. And we've tried to figure out a lot of private time for each of them. When everybody goes to bed, we give Mad time. When everybody is at school, we give Shiloh time. In between, Z and Pax each get special time. And on Sundays we have a big family sleep, when the boys get in bed with us and we watch a movie. It started with Mad, then Pax, and now Z is desperate to move into the bed. We're talking about having to build a bigger bed!

This isn't the first time Angelina has mentioned Brad's weakness for his little Z, but it is still totally endearing. With so many kids, it must be hard to make special alone time for each of them, but it sounds like these two have found a way to make it work.

Source & Bauer-Griffin