Bradley Cooper on a Motorcycle in LA | Pictures

Bradley Cooper Marks His Award-Season Run With a New Motorcycle

Bradley Cooper hopped onto a new motorcycle.

Bradley Cooper took his new motorcycle out for a spin yesterday in LA. He hopped on the red bike after it was delivered to his door following the finale of award season, the Oscars. Bradley was up for best actor at the Academy Awards for his role in Silver Linings Playbook, but a new interview with the actor reveals that he never wanted to win the highly prized honor. Bradley spoke to British GQ about the nomination ahead of the big show and said, "I don't want to win an Oscar. It would change nothing . . . career-wise, right now, it's better that I don't win one." His wish was granted as the statue went to Daniel Day-Lewis for his turn in Lincoln. Now that award season is over, Bradley may follow in the footsteps of his friend Ben Affleck and turn to directing. Bradley Cooper has signed on for Kokowaah, a remake of a German film, which could also end up being his directorial debut.