Bradley Cooper at the SAG Awards 2014

Bradley Cooper's Awkward Crotch Hug Can Be Explained

Bradley Cooper's Awkward Crotch Hug Can Be Explained

Bradley Cooper arrived at the SAG Awards in LA on Saturday looking just as handsome as he did earlier this week at the Critics' Choice Awards — we're really starting to love seeing him so often! Bradley walked the red carpet in a classic black suit for his night at the SAGs and was all smiles while posing for photos. However, things took a strange turn when a young man hugged him on his crotch while he chatted with Mandy Patinkin and Michael Peña on the red carpet. It turns out, the crotch-hugger was notorious Ukrainian prankster Vitalii Sediuk, the same guy who famously tried to kiss Will Smith on a red carpet.

Bradley wasn't up for any individual awards at the SAGs, but the cast of American Hustle did win the big ensemble award for their acting as a group. The big win could be thanks to Bradley's good-luck charm, Suki Waterhouse, who made her first official award show appearance by Bradley's side at the SAGs. Be sure to vote in our fashion and beauty polls!


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