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Will Brings His Legend to France

Will Smith wasn't home to celebrate I Am Legend breaking box office records this weekend, but I'm sure he managed to have a great time in Paris promoting the movie. As if he doesn't have enough reason to smile, his Legend director, Francis Lawrence, is more than willing to boost Will's ego. He said, "He's one of the only people that I can truly say kind of has all of that. He's funny, he's charming, he's smart, he's handsome, he's happy, he's got a great marriage, he's a great father, he's great at what he does, he's happy at what he does. It's sort of disgusting. So if anybody would be the last man standing, it's Will." Plus, he's obviously still a box office titan, and we're already getting a taste for his next picture. Buzz has the teaser trailer for Hancock which is a little cringe-inducing (but just a little), but with Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman and Will, I have faith it will be a lot of fun.






Images include Will Smith, Francis Lawrence and Akiva Goldsman.



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