It's the moment we've been waiting for since Britney dramatically shaved her head back in Feb -- the first glimpse at Brit's naturally grown in 'do!! She was driving around short-haired on Saturday and dare I say she looks pretty cute (and a bit like Kelly Clarkson)? After months of ratty wigs/extensions, it's so nice to finally see her real hair. Speaking of Brit's rough winter, the latest person (or, more appropriately, place) subpoenaed by Kevin's attorney in their custody battle is her rehab center Promises. He's definitely not going down easy.

While the short hair pics are hopefully a sign that she'll go natural more in the future, later that night she was back in long blonde out again with Criss Angel. Supposedly he is helping her for her big VMA performance, only the night's MC Timbaland hasn't even heard that Britney's planning to perform. He said, "I'm the maestro. If I don't know nothing about it...could be, hope not. I don't know, I don't know nothing about it. Wooh, that would be a headache." Britney? A Headache? Never! Ha. Even if she's really planning the performance, she'll probably find a way to back out. That being said, I hope she's still working on it because otherwise, this is a lot of time to be spending with the mindfreak.

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