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Brit's NY Bar Crawl Ends With a Reunion

Brit's NY Bar Crawl Ends With a Reunion

Britney Spears is having quite the time in NY. Despite it looking like she was there for fashion week, she's only made it to one show...and the local club scene couldn't be happier. On Friday her reign on dirty dancing terror started out at The Carlyle, but she quickly left that scene because it made her feel old and partied the night away at Tejune. Another night, Brit was out at hot spot Marquee where she had a bit of a fit when the DJ put on a Justin Timberlake tune and demanded that he stop the song (thong in full view, natch). Yet another evening, Britney ended up hobnobbing it with old friend JC Chasez (seen here, braless, in fingerless gloves, with what is presumably her wallet clipped to her pants).

Justin's tour swings through New York tonight, and one surprise guest is already rumored to be showing up on stage, perhaps there will be another one, an ex perhaps, who will make an appearance in the audience?



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