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Brit Proudly Shows Off Her Undergarments

Oh. Britney. Is that a Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin® Bra? How demure! Wait a minute, why can we all see your entire bra in the first place? Sigh, at least there is a bra at all, I suppose.

Maybe Britney was choosing to emancipate her bra at Theodore's last night in honor of her old BFF Paris' emancipation from jail. Though considering the way she refers to that toxic period in her life, probably not.

So it doesn't look like she's giving up on the sheer shirt thing anytime soon, but is it too much to ask that her cousin Allie intervene? As best friend/sidekick she needs to start stepping in when Britney is getting dressed for the clubs, because how hard could it be to just suggest that she wear something a little less ridiculous. Even just a little?





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