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Whoa, Baby: Crowds Flood London to Wait For Royal Baby News

Jul 22 2013 - 7:00am

Kate Middleton has gone into labor [1] and while the world waits for news about the baby's birth, crowds have gathered outside St. Mary's Hospital in London and at the gates of Buckingham Palace. The frenzy has built up over the past week as reporters staked out spots near the hospital, and earlier today, Queen Elizabeth II returned to Buckingham Palace [2] when she found out that Kate had been admitted. Meanwhile, Will and Kate look-alikes are in the spotlight, people are sporting lots of Union Jack gear, and parking spaces have already been reserved for the royal baby. In the midst of all this royal-baby fever [3], take a look at all the royal excitement in Britain!

Crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace to await the official announcement about the royal baby.

One cameraman put a Prince William mask on his equipment to get in the royal baby spirit.

People flocked to Buckingham Palace with news of Kate Middleton's labor.

Two guards were posted outside The Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital while the press prepared for the royal baby's arrival.

One woman brought a cake with the message, "Come on, Kate, we can't wait, give us something to celebrate!"

Crowds of people snapped pictures outside Buckingham Palace.

Police officers lined up outside Buckingham Palace as crowds gathered.

A royal fan stood outside the hospital.

Tourists snapped photos outside the hospital after it was announced that Kate Middleton had gone into labor.

A police officer controlled the crowds of royal fans who are waiting outside the hospital.

A Kate Middleton look-alike waved to photographers outside the London hospital.

A man wore his most patriotic gear outside St. Mary's Hospital in London.

Press ladders are lined up outside St. Mary's Hospital in London.

A gift for the royal baby was left outside the hospital's Lindo Wing.

Police stood guard outside the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital.

Prince William and Kate Middleton look-alikes stood outside the hospital to pose for pictures.

Girls wore Kate Middleton masks and fake baby bumps for a picture outside the hospital in London.

Outside a Wales supermarket, there's a space reserved for His or Her Royal Highness.

One man waved a flag in London's Piccadilly Circus to celebrate — with a fake baby attached to his chest.

Children's books related to the royal baby are on display in London's Waterstones bookshop.

One girl wore a betting board for the royal baby's name as part of a promotion.

Tourists snapped pictures outside the hospital where Kate's expected to give birth.

Mugs celebrating the royal baby are for sale in London.

Tourists flocked outside St. Mary's Hospital after the labor was announced.

A police officer read his notes outside the Lindo Wing.

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