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Britney and Adnan Shop, Wander, Hopefully Don't Have a Baby

Jan 16 2008 - 9:58am

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Britney Spears spent Tuesday in at least three different outfits meandering around LA with skeevy Adnan [1] and (ahem) making her way through throngs of paparazzi like usual [2] while her boys trucked along at Kevin's [3]. Apparently Brit's got herself a boyfriend in LA and a realtor in Dallas [4] these days, at least according to her shirt. How's that for publicity? What other Britney stories are we wading through today? Well, Sam is thankfully denying the suicide-note rumor [5] while OK! is going with the cover story that she's trying to get pregnant again [6]. That seems like a horrible idea, so hopefully this is another false baby for Britney [7], though she was seen shopping for pregnancy tests on Monday [8]. Fingers crossed she's just trying to mess with the media — another baby is the last thing she needs.


Also probably not on the list of things she needs? Another one of her close friends talking to the press. But that didn't stop Alli Simms from sitting down with Us Weekly. Among other defending-Britney stuff, she talked about Brit's new man. She said, [9] "I do not think Adnan is a good person. . . . I think he only has bad intentions. He has given me a weird feeling and creeped me out. I wish he would just go away." I'll second that.

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