It's been a(nother) wild week of Britney, and here's one last roundup of stories from today. She's got quite the life, eh? Last night as Britney's new music video made its way onto the internet, she was making herself seen around LA. She was in good spirits as she left a Mexican restaurant after a dinner with her shady friend Sam Lufti, even telling the awaiting paparazzi that she loves them, but at soon as she got into the car she burst into tears. From there she was back to a hotel, but not in for the night. Much later on, she and her producer (and former makeout) friend JR Rotem for a 5 AM McDonalds run, where once again she didn't look so happy to see all the photographers.

As for the situation with her kids, according to Life & Style Brit missed her first scheduled visitation with them yesterday afternoon. Apparently she was at home at the right time, but missed them because her intercom was broken. Even so, I bet that's not going to make the judge too happy. I know it's futile, but here's to hoping that for once Britney enjoys a quiet weekend at home.

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