It looks like Laker Nation has a new resident -- Britney Spears. The rehabilitated pop star caught her second game of the weekend at the Staples center in LA last night. One player in particular seems to strike her fancy. Brit showed up at last night's game wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey and holding a (homemade?) sign cheering on the BBall star. least arts and crafts is a wholesome hobby to pick up. The Lakers won the game, but it must have felt like a nail biter -- Britney left having ripped off a few of her new fake nails (one in particular looked a little painful).

Plus, for all you on Britney Hair Watch, her slightly grown in do is peeking out from under the wig. Hopefully one of these days she'll forgo the fake mop entirely and get down with her Gi Janeness. I may be the only one, but I would love to see that.

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