Last night Britney Spears was ready to celebrate. She took her Halloween spirit beyond her pumpkin-decorated car and got into a skimpy costume — clearly she has a thing for pirate attire. Apparently Brit even tried to make a special appearance at the Virgin Megastore for the official midnight release of her album, and even though most of you weren't running out to get a copy of Blackout, the parking lot was so packed that she gave up when she couldn't find a spot. From there Britney stopped off at Les Deux and, of course, went through a few costume changes. The judge's custody ruling is expected later today and while the parent coach's testimony was apparently mixed, her lawyer is confident that it will return to 50/50 custody. Sounds like this big day for Britney is just getting started.

Instead of heading home for the night, she headed to Winstons with Allie, only to get pulled over on the way out for an undisclosed minor infraction. All in all, it sounds like a pretty standard night for Britney and we'll cut her some slack this time since she just wanted to have some fun and celebrate the release of her new album.

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