Britney Spears had a big smile on her face with her arms full of junk food as she walked around LA yesterday. She must have been excited about today's release of Blackout, but unfortunately the judge's ruling about her kids isn't as happy. The court granted Britney just three monitored visits a week — two afternoons and one overnight with SP and JJ. This is a far cry from the 50/50 custody she was hoping for. She and Kevin were also ordered to figure out a holiday schedule between themselves and Britney was told to have her pool fenced in by Friday. The judge also released some of what the parenting coach had to say.

The coach revealed that Britney missed three of their appointments and when they did get together didn't pay much attention to her kids or arrange her schedule based on the boys having fun. All in all, Britney's visitation rights have been scaled back rather than increased due to her behavior. It sounds like Britney is far away from regaining substantial custody of her boys, but hopefully reading and hearing reports like these will get her on the right track as a mom. Because for now, hearing news like this just makes us sad.

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