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Britney's Got A Brand New Dog

Jul 15 2007 - 9:13am

After a false alarm [0] last week, Britney actually did purchase herself a new puppy yesterday. Brilliant. It looks like during the same midriff baring shopping venture she learned about the wonderous world of tennis rackets. She looks so befuddled by it. But I thought she was a pro [0]? About the puppy, apparently she's named it London [1] and she was happy to show it off for the paparazzi on her way out clubbing at Ritual for the night. The little pup was probably scared of the flash bulbs, but hopefully he'll get used to it pretty quickly. Too bad Bit Bit isn't around anymore to show London the ropes.


To see more of Britney's night on the town (and that little dog) just

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