For the few of you always asking about Britney's little boys, she was out yesterday with both of them in tow. As usual, the primary hip spot was reserved for Sean Preston while Jayden James was hidden under a blanket in his carrier. She just does not want to show us a clear view of that baby's face. Britney's obviously back to loving her bod (otherwise, why would she be prancing around town in what amounts to fishnets, a leotard and those heinous boots?), and rumor has it that she's about ready to hit the stage.

The internet is abuzz with the story that Britney is gearing up to play a secret show at the House of Blues Anaheim and Sunset Strip next Wednesday and Thursday (May 2 & 3) respectively. Apparently she is playing under the pseudonym "M + M". Hmmm, curious indeed. We'll definitely stay tuned to see how this one turns out. Anyone in LA who grabs some tickets, definitely let us know!

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