Britney's life always seems like it's full of some sort of drama, and rumor has it that this afternoon the issues she's been having with her mom came to a head. She drove up to where her mother was in Ventura, CA (side note: does Lynne live in a trailer? I'm confused) to hand deliver what was supposedly a letter from Britney's lawyer -- though not the restraining order we've all heard rumblings about. You can check out the video of the event here, and I gotta say that even with no sound Britney seems like she's being bratty. Who knows what the full story is, or what the letter had to say, but TMZ is reporting that Britney's been angry at Lynne since a few days before heading off to rehab and that she thinks her mom is "unstable" and has "issues." Pot, Kettle, Black.

In other Britney news, Kevin is supposedly refusing to sign the divorce papers until she proves that she's fit for their 50/50 custody deal. Hey, who knows, maybe Brit was visiting her mom to show her something about that mess. Not jumping to conclusions just yet.

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