While Britney had until Wednesday to follow the judge's ruling giving Kevin custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James, she handed them over to Kevin's bodyguard right away. From there, she went tanning, stopped by the DMV (hypothetically to get the ball rolling on that California license, which she still doesn't have, but should be taking the test for today) and checked into the Peninsula Hotel. Throughout all of this, Brit looked surprisingly happy, which of course could be her way of coping, but still, big smiles? In full on damage control mode, Britney's lawyer made sure to talk to the press, telling people that while Britney was in trouble for not having the license and not complying with the judges orders, there is "no evidence" she ever actually failed a drug test. Rumors of Britney's drug use still swirl around, but I guess we'll see what happens when she actually does what she is told and submits to the random tests. The next hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

Obviously, the paparazzi were on her tail more than ever yesterday hoping to catch the pop tart in her darkest moment with one photographer going so far as to get in a brawl with the hotel security. Yikes. Most of you weren't feeling bad for Britney after yesterday and seeing her nonchalance about the whole thing certainly doesn't help. You never know what's coming next with Brit, and I have a feeling that these next few days could be full of surprises. I just hope everyone stays safe.

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