What does Britney need? Another living thing to take care of, obviously! She was out, Allie in tow (as if that needs to be said anymore), buying herself a pet bird at Petco yesterday afternoon. At least she looks happy? Unfortunately, things aren't sounding so happy with her supposed comeback record. Despite hearing yesterday that it contained a few sure hits, Britney's on-again-off-again publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnick is now saying the album has been delayed until 2008 at the earliest. She even issued this convoluted statement to Life & Style:

“I put her on hiatus,” Zelnik says. “Brit’s album is pushed until ’08. If she has no album, there’s no reason to do anything. I’m representing her in theory right now. I said that since the album is pushed back until ’08, let’s go on hiatus until we have a campaign to do.”

A music-industry insider says the album is delayed because Britney’s struggling creatively. "I'm surprised the album wasn't pushed back to ’09 — everything's up in the air with the album right now," the insider says. "Jive [Records, Brit's label] hated the songs Britney was coming up with, except for a few. The executives are not happy. And she didn't want to listen to anyone. Everything was a problem for her. They wanted her to work with certain people, and she wanted the opposite."

While Zelnick's statement is a little confusing, it doesn't sound like things are going well at the recording studio for Britney. Hopefully she won't scrap the idea all together -- we've been waiting too long to give up on her comeback just yet!

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