Britney and her new puppy London caused some serious chaos shopping on Robertson yesterday afternoon. The paparazzi frenzy was so aggressive that the LAPD was called to help quell the masses. Just another day for Britney Spears. Unfortunately, all is not well in the land of Brit Brit, rumor has it that tell-all OK! Magazine interview and photoshoot went pretty horribly. Sources told TMZ that she was a mess -- from her eyes rolling back in her head during the shoot, to wiping up London's mess with a Chanel dress, to demanding fried chicken and wiping the grease on a Gucci frock. And that's only the beginning.

The story goes that she refused to let any of the magazine's hair/make-up people work with her. Instead she demanded to use her own and the resulting photos would apparently, "ruin her career." Uh...if that didn't happen with the photos/actions back in January I'm not sure it ever will. Somehow I feel like this all may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it's clear that things are a little off kilter (again) with Brit. Hopefully she can keep it together and keep working on her comeback. Sigh, wishful thinking.

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