Britney was spotted with her bodyguard driving her to celebrate the 4th of July with a mystery man at the Four Seasons in LA. The past few days Britney has been busy expressing herself the old fashion way - a hand written note. On Tuesday, she delivered a bizarre note to our friends at X17 about the umbrella incident pre-rehab. She also included the same message on her official site. Now we have more information about the letter she hand delivered to her mom last week. It was a poem titled Dear Mama. Here's more:

In the poem, Spears lamented “that she didn’t have a mom anymore and she couldn’t imagine a mother doing what she did to her child,” a source told the tab. Spears delivered the verse, along with legal papers, to her mother on June 28 on the set of kid sister, Jamie Lynn’s television show, “Zoey 101.” The two are reportedly also battling over the affections of Jamie Lynn.

“Britney said, ‘Here Momma, I just wanted to see your face,’” a source told Star. “Then she got into her car and drove off. Lynne went into the trailer and broke down in tears.” The CD reportedly contained recordings of phone conversations between Lynne Spears and Britney's estranged husband, Kevin Federline, in which the two are apparently working in cahoots.

Spears is forbidding her mother from seeing her two sons, and in one conversation, Lynne is said to be arranging to meet K-Fed and the boys, and says, “I have to be careful that Britney doesn’t find out!” The recordings were made by a private investigator, according to the tab.

Yikes, a private investigator. Sounds like Britney really feels like everyone is ganging up on her. As for the note to X17 and the one on her fan site explaining her crazy incident, click on the image below to see more.