I was beginning to think we'd never have a quiet day in Britney Spears' world again and while we still may be jumping the gun, things are certainly looking up. Yesterday was another good one for the troubled pop star who stopped by a medical building with her dad before grabbing lunch. She was back in her red boots for the afternoon out, which is thankfully just about as exciting as things got (turquoise bra coming in second). Most of you seem to think she should take legal action against Heidi Montag for making that "duet" without permission but I can't say I'd blame her for wanting to stay away from the drama (and the court room) for a while. Plus, there are rumors that things are over with her and Adnan after she found racy text messages from another woman on his iPhone and proceeded to throw it in the pool for him. Who knows, but it would be a) funny and b) nice to see him go.

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