Oh Britney, Britney, Britney. Will you ever learn not to get dressed in the dark? At this point, probably not. Our favorite fashion disaster took a break from dance class and mommy time to go out with her cousin Allie and a friend on Tuesday night. The girls stopped by Dominicks briefly before setting up camp at Les Deux. There have been rumors recently that she's back drinking (and dancing in her underwear), but I'll hold off on believing that one for a while. Seriously though, why does she still need a ridiculous hat? We all know she's got the fake hair actually attached to her head these days, after all.

At this point, it's more surprising to see Brit dressed semi-normal than in her newest crazy get-up. Unfortunately, I bet she's not allowed to win this From Worst to Best Dressed contest, but we all know she could use it! Do you know someone (or even yourself) who could use a makeover paid for by People Magazine and featured in a future issue of the magazine? Check out all the info here!

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