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Britney Is Out Of Gas, But Not Steam

Britney's white convertible is so new it's still got the dealership's stickers on it, but she's already gotten it in its share of car trouble. First she was pulled over on her way to Vegas on Friday and today she ran out of gas driving in Beverly Hills. Whoops. At least it looks like it didn't disturb sleeping JJ. Great news for Britney fans: that song we heard last week is NOT her comeback song, and her real new single, "Gimme More" will drop as soon as next week! Not only that, but it's an upbeat dance track produced by Timbaland's protege Nate ''Danjahandz'' Hills -- which is definitely a relief to hear. This makes a lot more sense since it's the song she made the video for. I'm still wary of getting my hopes too high, but this might actually be the Britney track people are waiting for.



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