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Britney Out of Rehab, Into Legal Counsel's Office

Britney Out of Rehab, Into Legal Counsel's Office

As we told you earlier, Britney's second stint in rehab was about the same length as her first -- under 24 hours. Since she left Promises early this morning, it seems like the entire city's worth of paparazzi are on the hunt for the star. After only a few MIA hours, Britney was spotted entering the office of Blair Berk, a civil defense lawyer who has boasted a roster of celebrity clients like Lindsay Lohan and Halle Berry. Interestingly enough, Berk also worked with Reese Witherspoon on her suit against some paparazzi, so if Britney wanted to visit the lawyer for similar reasons, she certainly brought her case along with, or behind, her. Judging from one first-hand bystander account, the swarm of photographers surrounding Brit is more aggressive and intense than ever.

Poor Britney looks and sounds like she is increasingly lost and confused every day. It seems that she is not ready to ask for help, even if those who love and care for her most would love for her to seek it. Once again, we hope for the best and that she can find the guidance that she needs before this gets any more out of control.






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