Britney's Parents Worry For Her Safety

Britney's Parents Worry For Her Safety

Britney's first night back out in LA was proof that the more things come out into the open, the more things stay the same for the pop tart. Following her afternoon of driving around and visiting the office of the lawyer that wants to remove her dad as conservator with Adnan, Britney and her boy checked into the Beverly Hills Hotel. Soon after, her parents released a statement to Anderson Cooper about the day's proceedings and Britney being allowed to leave the hospital. The statement read:

"As parents of an adult child in the throws of a mental health crisis, we were extremely disappointed this morning to learn that over the recommendation of her treating psychiatrist, our daughter Britney was released from the hospital that could best care for her and keep her safe. We are deeply concerned about our daughter's safety and vulnerability and we believe her life is presently at risk. There are conservatorship orders in place created to protect our daughter that are being blatantly disregarded. We ask only that the court's orders be enforced so that a tragedy may be averted."

Britney was apparently released early from UCLA because there was "no just cause" for her being held longer. According to TMZ, Britney's father is expected back in court tomorrow to request that he be given more power as her conservator. This could include his being able to control all her financial decisions (like hotel rooms) and who she spends time with (like bringing the paparazzo into her car, or seeing Adnan). OK! was reporting that Jamie Spears even showed up at the Beverly Hills Hotel last night with legal papers to get into Brit's room and try to bring her home.