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Britney Sad But On The Way to Recovery

Kudos to Britney for keeping herself in rehab this time around. We're also a fan of the better looking wig. Unfortunately, the latest rumor is that she's having a tough time at Promises. Brit apparently feels that she is suffering from post-partum depression rather than a drug/alcohol dependency and that she was forced into the center against her will. No matter what her underlying issue is, we're sure that this time out of the spotlight is doing her some good. We're really pulling for Brit and hope she continues to stick it out in rehab and get on the road to a full recovery. Plus, it must be nice to know that her kids are in good hands with Kevin.

And just for fun, as long as we're wishing for Britney's big come back, we'll keep dreaming about a Justin and Britney reunion. Apparently we're not the only ones hoping for it, Timbaland is trying to make it happen!



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